Celebration of Life, celebrates the life of your dearly departed.

Lost of a love one, is the most difficult time in our lives but yet again it’s our duty to celebrate their life on earth as we bid the final farewell.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be Comforted”  Matthew 5:4

If a friend or loved one has just passed on, or if death is expected sometime soon, contact our team for an advice or for immediate bereavement arrangements.  

Be assured that our entire pricing is transparent with NO GST or Overtime Charges!

Our team of dedicated staff will be there to assist you from the start till the end. 

Celebration of Life provides customised package to fit every budget starting from as low as S$1,700.00 (For those who prefer not to hold awake – [Straight Cases]) Standard funeral held in a parlour or at a residential unit is starting as low as S$2.988.00 (please refer to our package details).  We also provide comprehensive bereavement for your little ones from just S$688.00 onwards.  Contact us for more details.